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    244 -3pcs Mini Wire Brush Set (Steel / Nylon / Brass Brush)

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    3pcs Mini Wire Brush Set, Handy Steel / Nylon / Brass Brush

    Mini wire brush kit which can be conveniently used for cleaning various kitchen appliances
    Ideal for cleaning small car parts such as spark plugs or removing small patches of rust and excess paintwork. A great all-round set. A set of three mini wire brushes suitable for various applications


    • Offset finger-grips allow precise controlled use.
    • Stainless steel brush for Paint & Rust removal.
    • Brass brush for Dirt & Grime Removal.
    • Nylon brush for Interior & Exterior Auto Detailing.
    • Comfort grip handle with hanging hole.

    3Pcs Includes:

    • 7in Nylon Brush ‰ÛÒ Great for Dashboards, Upholstery, & Delicate Materials
    • 7in Brass Brush ‰ÛÒ Great for Solder Points
    • 7in Steel Brush ‰ÛÒ Great for Removing Rust

    3pcs Mini Wire Brush 

    • Nylon Brush: Easy on finished surfaces making them ideal for sweeping away dirt and debris from around interior door panels, trim pieces, dashboards.
    • Brass Brush: Clean unfinished metal parts like screw threads, connection terminals, and cutting tools without damaging surfaces or fine features.
    • Stainless Steel Brush: Good for cleaning and removing loose paint, scale and rust from metal parts and heavy duty scrubbing

    Package Include:
    1 x Nylon Brush
    1 x Brass Brush
    1 x Stainless Steel Brush

    244 -3pcs Mini Wire Brush Set (Steel / Nylon / Brass Brush)
    244 -3pcs Mini Wire Brush Set (Steel / Nylon / Brass Brush)

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