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    760 Drinking Cup / Glass / Mug Mason Jar with Handle & Straw

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    Dring Cup/Glass/Mug Mason Jar with Handle & Straw

    This is a stunning mason jars with handle and straw-lids. They look great and enhance the feel of anything you serve in them. It also includes reusable BPA-free straws. Made of thick high quality glass so contents stay cold and the exterior does not sweat. These beautiful jars enhance the life of your parties, events and picnics. Your kids would simply love them everyday too! Just fill them with their favorite drinks, juices, shakes, smoothies, milk, and see the magic!

    Sturdy Design

    Glass is thick to provide strength, and keep the contents fresh and cool. Sturdy glass handle provides a good grip, while a quality seal ensure the lid fits snugly

    Easy To Use & Clean

    The drinking jars have ergonomic wide handles so you can hold them easily and lift them to take a sip. The jars have lids with straw holes to keep your drink safe. The stainless steel lids and the glass jars are easy to clean.

    Multi purpose

    Use it to make Overnight Oatmeal. Single-Serving Veggies and Dips, Packaging Food Gifts, Dessert Jars. They also make the perfect gift!

    Perfect For Any Drink

    The mason jars will make any drink look fun and stylish. Use the jars for your breakfast smoothie, colorful cocktail or any kind of drink and enjoy!

    760 Drinking Cup/Glass/Mug Mason Jar with Handle & Straw
    760 Drinking Cup / Glass / Mug Mason Jar with Handle & Straw

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