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    2266 Multipurpose Kitchen Organizer Rack with Water Storing Tray

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    Kitchen Sink Dish Plate Drainer 2-Layer Drying Rack (MOQ :- 3 Pc)

    Organize your kitchen utensils with Drainer Rack. It provides a convenient space for keeping cups, saucers, dishes, plates, bowls, cutlery, flatware, and other items. This kitchen rack is easy to set up within minutes and comes with fully detachable parts that are easy to store when not in use. It drains water and keeps kitchen utensils dry and clean. This sink drying rack is convenient to set up on kitchen platforms and countertops.

    Portable Storage Rack

    This portable storage rack was made for proper space utilization in kitchen or office. This high grade plastic rack can be set up quickly and can be used for storing plates, dishes, cups, glasses and other small kitchen tools properly. It can be used to keep wet utensils as drained water can be collected and removed easily. It is basically a multipurpose rack and can be used in office for stationery and file storage also.

    High Quality

    High quality dish drainer rack. Clean and simple look, excellent workmanship. Made of high quality food grade material.

    Space Saving Design

    The drainer rack is a great space saver. It's ideal for small kitchens, mobile homes, office kitchenettes, or anywhere drying space is limited


    Equipped with a portable spoon, fork and knife holder

    Consists of a storage basket for storing and arranging just washed utensils

    Provision of a slanting surface at the bottom for quick water drainage from washed utensils into the sink, keeping the kitchen clean and dry

    Can also be used to store not so frequently used utensils, keeping your kitchen clutter-free, clean, and well-equipped

    Ample space to store utensils for a family of four

    Can also be used in offices and workspaces for file and stationery organization

    2266 Multipurpose Kitchen Organizer Rack with Water Storing Tray
    2266 Multipurpose Kitchen Organizer Rack with Water Storing Tray

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