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    2242 Multipurpose Masala / Spice Rack Container - Set of 4 Pcs

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    Multipurpose Masala/Spice Rack Container - 4 pcs (Multicolor)

    spice jar 4 pcs set, cereal dispenser easy flow storage Have an easy and convenient kitchen organization when you use this spice plastic jar set container It perfectly fits your cupboard, you will get perfect visibility of items. Spice jars will fit even in small place. You can store all variety of spices, cereals, breakfast edibles such as Choco, cornflakes and sometimes even you can store oil. All in one spice jar serves your needs. Easy opening lid, it is 80% air tight, which could keep the cereals fresh. Easy to dispense, just open the measuring cup, it is not necessary to open the lid to access the contents inside the jar. Save time and energy with this clear container that gives a quick and accessible way of finding the perfect spice that you need while cooking this means that you'll no longer need to search through numerous packages in your kitchen drawers. Add some spice to your dish wherever and whenever you want to. The lightweight and portable plastic container lets you bring just the right amount of spices and have it stacked in one place 

    Sprinkles Set

    It comes with 4 spice jars that are easy to use with those holes and twistable lids.

    Masala Box

    You can keep your condiments fresh and odor-free in these jars.

    Durable Material

    The spice rack set is a tough and shatterproof addition to your kitchen.

    Storage Jar

    It keeps your pickles or eatables hygienic and fresh for a long time


    2242 Multipurpose Masala/Spice Rack Container - Set of 4 Pcs
    2242 Multipurpose Masala / Spice Rack Container - Set of 4 Pcs

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