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    220 Sweeper Floor Dust Cleaning Mop Broom with Dustpan 360 Rotary

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    Cleaning Supplies - Multipurpose 360 Degree Rotating Brush Broom Sweeper (Waste Collector Sweeper)

    It is the easiest way to quickly clean messes off hardwood, tile, marble, linoleum or vinyl flooring. The secret is twin rotating brushes, which pull dust, hair, food scraps and anything else into the built-in dust pan. Turbo Tiger easily glides over floors without using electricity or batteries - even close to baseboards. Pivoting design is perfect for reaching under furniture, yet weighs under 2lbs. Once finished simply open the trap door to empty the dust pan. Very effective manual sweeper

    Home Cleaning Supplies - Waste Collector Sweeper

    It Cleans The Floor Surface And Catches The Dust Into Automatic Pan Inside The Sweeper Machine. It's A Unique And Advance Technology Model. Very Useful For Quick Cleaning And Also For Those Who Are Having Job And Also Need To Take Care Of Home. It Is Fastest And Easiest Way To You. It Requires No Power And Energy Saving Environmental Protection. This Sweeping Machine Uses Mechanical Principles.


    • Handle Length: 107cm
    • Material: ABS, Aluminium Alloy
    • Built-in Basin Capacity: 0.5L
    • Net Weight: 860g
    • Size: 114cm x 31cm x 19.7cm


    • Works on All Hard Floors.
    • Easy to Empty Built in Dustpan.
    • The original hatchback magnetic open, simple, durable.
    • Convenient! No Cords, Bags or Batteries Required!
    • Use high density material brush hair, not easy to remove hair, more soft.
    • Can turn 360 degrees,the use of flexible and convenient.
    • Lightweight - Weighs Less Than 2 Pounds & Folds for Easy Storage!


    • Triple Rotating Brushes that loosen, lift, and channel the dirt & debris onto the on-board dust pan.
    • Perfect for cleaning while the baby is sleeping or while watching TV.
    • The convenient fold flat handle allows you to easily reach under furniture & appliances!
    • In order to facilitate the cleaning of hair, the original quick dismantling parts, without using other tools, you can remove the brush, cleaning.
    220 Sweeper Floor Dust Cleaning Mop Broom with Dustpan 360 Rotary
    220 Sweeper Floor Dust Cleaning Mop Broom with Dustpan 360 Rotary

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