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    2035 Plastic Flour Strainer / Shifter

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    Plastic 3 in 1 Kitchen Flour/Atta Sifter, Sieves, Strainer, Chalani 

    Sifting your flour is one of the essential steps during the baking process which helps make your dry ingredients smooth and fluffier. If you love baking, a flour sifter can make the baking process fun and more delightful. 

    What are the unique features of our products? 

    1) Plastic: We used virgin raw materials for product manufacturing. It will give a good look at the product for a long time. 

    2) Ergonomic Handle: An Attached perfect handle for perfect grip.

    It has large and steady sifter with handle and in below part you can easily attach and detach the filter nets. The filter nets have locking knob also. Rotate the filter net on below part corresponding to the locking knob to lock the net with the sifter.

    After fixing the filter net at the bottom of sifter. Pour flour into the sifter and press the handle to get quick and easy filtering of flour.

    All parts are easily detachable and dishwasher safe, unbreakable, light weight. The filtering nets are rust free which can be used for very long time.


    Easy manual Operation, handy and comfortable to use

    Stainless steel Nets, the cup sifter is lightweight, durable, dishwasher-safe

    Beautifully designed sifter strainer, Gayni

    2035 Plastic Flour Strainer/Shifter
    2035 Plastic Flour Strainer / Shifter

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