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    1562 Rechargeable Bicycle LED Bright Light with Horn Speaker

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    Rechargeable Operated Bicycle Front Head Light LED with Speaker Headlight Handlebar (Multicolor)

    The headlight adopt the T6 LED, you can get a complete illumination area for better lighting effects, bicycle accessories.

    Come with a 120dB bike bell, which has 6 types of sound, very easy to install on the bicycle handlebars.

    The big screen records and displays five types of vehicle condition: Speed, distance and ride time can be measured and recorded.

    Multifunctional Bicycle Headlight

    Ideal for outdoor use. Besides cycling, you could use this bike light during jogging, hiking, camping, walking your dog, fishing or as emergency light.

    Bright screen, blue backlight, the LCD display with digits makes reading easier. Lightly press MODE or SET to activate the screen.

    Flexible and sturdy silicone mounts ensure the front bike light securely in place on rugged roads. You can easily install and remove it without tools.

    Easy Installation

    1.Unscrew the magnetic head by hand and install it on the vehicle shelf.

    2.Stick the rubber sticker to the receiver.

    3.Install the inductor on the front fork in front of the disc brake.

    4.The two sensors align and the distance between them must not exceed 3mm.

    5.Mount the LED bike light on the handlebars.

    Waterproof and Weatherproof

    The bicycle front light is resistant to any adverse weather conditions;

    The bike light set in foggy weather or in rainy weather makes you safe.

    The USB charging interface and key switch of both the two bike light are covered with expanded rubber, which can protect against water.

    1562 Rechargeable Bicycle LED Bright Light with Horn Speaker
    1562 Rechargeable Bicycle LED Bright Light with Horn Speaker

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