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    1497 Cute, Cuddly and Clean Toddlers Training Seat

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     Baby Head Protector, Corner Guard, Protection Helmet, Baby Toddlers Head Safety Pad Cushion Baby Back Protection

    The Head protector is to give protection to babies during their accidental fall. Normally babies try to crawl or walk or play at an early age and fall during this process and get injured. Sometimes the head injury is of serious nature. This protector reduces the impact of falls and gives full proof of safety to babies.

    Baby Toddlers Head Protective made of high-quality fabrics, soft-touch, good air permeability so that the baby is comfortable to wear. It is filled with PP cotton with excellent resilience, providing excellent protection when falling, and effectively alleviating impact.


     Protection of Cheeks
    Soft pads on both sides protects cheeks of your child

     Breathable and Stuffy
    It can be used round the year as it is breathable and not stuffy.

     Protection to Ears
    Soft pads provided on both sides also protect Ears of your child

     Protection of Head
    While baby lie on the floor it not only protects baby's head but also can be used as pillow for the baby. It is Anti fall Protection Pillow


    Applicable age: baby from 4-18 months.
    This product is very protective to babies. It adopts a cute cartoon style to increase the baby's love for shatter-resistant pillows.
    It can adjust elastic straps to help different shapes of baby harnesses so that the baby can wear comfortable and unrestrained.
    Mothers need not worry about the baby's head get hurt. The materials are soft and comfortable.
    Effective Baby head protection pillow backpack protect pad

    1497 Cute, Cuddly and Clean Toddlers Training Seat
    1497 Cute, Cuddly and Clean Toddlers Training Seat

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