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    1339 Sanitary Urinal Cubes - 100 grams

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    Urinal Cubes, 100 g

    Color: Multicolor

    Naphthalene balls are 100 % safe and leaves no stain. Naphthalene balls can be used as toilet, wash basin, wardrobe, urinal insecticide, germicide, moth repellent and a deodorant. Its also help in protecting woolen and textile materials against insects.

    Usage Methods & Purpose:

    You can put it directly with clothing, or leather, or books, etc.. This product can prevent mildew and moth from your living room and toilet. Naphthalene Balls repelling or killing insects such as moths and silverfish. Controls bad order in toilets and washrooms.

    Keep your home safe from Cockroaches. Naphthalene Balls are extensively used for keeping products bacteria-free. They can also be used around sinks & wash basins to keep the foul smell away.

    Naphthalene balls keep the surroundings fresh and pleasantly fragrant. They can be used in wardrobes, book-shelves, shoe racks, under the carpets, washbasins, gully trap and urinals

    1339 Sanitary Urinal Cubes - 100 grams
    1339 Sanitary Urinal Cubes - 100 grams

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