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    1095 Bamboo Toothpicks with Dispenser Boxq

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    Bamboo Toothpicks with Toothpick Dispenser

    Selected high-quality bamboo toothpicks, carefully shaped directly after grinding, no burrs and sharp edges, not easy to split and break.

    Toothpick can not only remove food debris from the teeth, but also insert fruit, and the toothpick box can be reused. (Each box contains about 80 toothpicks)

    The toothpick box is made of PC, has a smooth surface, is comfortable to the touch, and has a good air-tight packaging, which effectively isolates external dust.

    Slide-type design, only need to gently slide when taking toothpicks, convenient and hygienic, easy to use.

    Creative lighter-style convenient toothpick box, small and exquisite, can be placed in pockets, bags and other places, is your good companion for business travel, easy to carry.

    Product Code: 1095_Bamboo_Toothpick_1Pc

    Weight (Gm) - 20

    Length (Cm) - 3

    Breadth (Cm) - 2

    Height (Cm) - 8

    1095 Bamboo Toothpicks with Dispenser Boxq
    1095 Bamboo Toothpicks with Dispenser Boxq

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