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    0670 Plastic Transparent Disposable Clear Gloves (White) (100Pc)

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    Transparent Disposable Clear Plastic Hand Gloves (100 pcs)

    These Gloves are powder free to reduce potential dust and contamination. These gloves are very smooth for improved feel. These gloves are latex free also, therefore reducing the risk of hypersensitivity and allergic reactions to the skin. These gloves are food safe, thus suitable for food handling in hotels & kitchens etc. Best to Keep your hands clean while doing paint job or hair dye job also. 

    Best for : Home, Kitchen, Hotels, Hospitals, Clinics, Beauty Parlor, Saloons, etc.

    These hand gloves are for single use and disposable. They are multi purpose gloves and ensure that your hands are gently protected from soap, detergent and oil or unclean water and other particles

    Material and Care

    These washing gloves are made up of latex combining strength with flexibility and are anatomically shaped for comfort and examination. There are 100 pieces in a single pack based on weight. These gloves can be used for handling food items, hair dyeing, serving food snacks bakery items and other purposes

    0670 Plastic Transparent Disposable Clear Gloves (White) (100Pc)
    0670 Plastic Transparent Disposable Clear Gloves (White) (100Pc)

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