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    0592 Metal Linemen Tester Screwdriver

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    Insulated Professional Voltage Tester Screwdriver (100~500V AC )


    This Voltage Tester can checks all electricity without contacting the wires that show the Hot (fire) with electricity and the Cold (ground)

    Waterproof, completely invade the water, can be use after dry.

    Allows you to check or test safely, quickly and accurately.

    With indicator light, can measure breakpoints, move along the contact, when the indicator does not light was breakpoint, can measure the line whether is electrified, the non-contact sensor test, safe and reliable.


    Product Name : Voltage Test Screwdriver

    Color: transparent

    Material: plastic+metal

    Length: 13.5cm(5.31in)

    Measuring range: 100-500V

    Usage: when using self-testing sign in one hand and take the tip in one hand touches the touch electrode.

    Line On / off detection

    Usage: first-hand contact pin zero line, the other hand on the electric pen touch pole, written contact pin FireWire.

    Package Includes:

    1 x Tester Screwdriver 

    0592 Metal Linemen Tester Screwdriver
    0592 Metal Linemen Tester Screwdriver

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